Too Faced Makeup Haul

By Katrina - March 27, 2018

I recently went on a small online shopping spree! This here is my haul from Too Faced, one of my favorite makeup brands out there. I love the packaging of their products and have been a fan of the quality for years now. When Too Faced drops a new collection or product, I am always on the lookout.

I picked up a new eyeshadow palette, a contour kit, lipgloss, glitter eyeliner, and a primer/setting/refreshing spray.

Too Faced Chocolate Gold eyeshadow palette - $49.00 (Can be found at Ultra, Sephora, Macy's, - I didn't think I would need the Chocolate Gold eyeshadow palette because I figured that I have so many gold and bronze hued palettes, but this one seemed so different (don't they all). I loved the unique color variations in this palette and I felt like I needed to re-up on some of the colors I may have dupes of since I use them so often. If you don't know about Too Faced, please go to Ulta or Sephora and smell their palettes. They smell amazing! This one smells like hot cocoa, I just want to eat it! I will be doing a look and swatches of this palette in an upcoming post.

Too Faced Natural Face Contour Palette - $44.00 - (Can be found at Ulta, Sephora, Macy's, - This is another deliciously smelling product. I already knew before even ordering this contour palette that it would smell amazing. I love the colors in this palette and decided that I would need this as a re-up to my current favorite powder contour palette from NYX. This will also com in handy for traveling since it's all that I need in one on-the-go palette. The palette is very sturdy and thick, I love it! Then again, Too Faced always kills the game with their packaging.

Too Faced Glitter Pop Peel-Off Eyeliner - Color - "Yes Way Rosé" - $20.00 (can be found at Ulta, Sephora, Macy's, and on - Now this is new to me. I've never tried glittery eyeliner but I see so much potential with this product. I can only imagine how beautiful it would look stacked above a nice black winged eyeliner, or even placed neatly into a cut crease. I have a feeling that I will be reaching for this product often. The gel is very smooth and a lot of glitter comes out with every swipe. I'm excited about this one.

Too Faced Angel Tears Mystical Effects Lip Topper - $19.00 (Can be found at Ulta, Macy's, Sephora, and on - Whats a makeup haul without a lip gloss? I had to treat my lips, I always do! This seemed like a color I would wear, despite the fact that I probably have plenty of lipglosses in a similar shade, I love the iridescence in this one. I'll definitely be blogging a review about this in one of the looks I do. I don't seem to care so much about whether or not you can see the iridescence when it's applied over a lipstick or straight to the lips as much as I care about how long it stays put, whether it's sticky or not, and how shiny it appears when applied.

Too Faced Festival Refresh Setting and Refreshing Spray - $24.00 (Can be found at Ulta, Sephora, Macy's, and - Setting sprays are new to me. I loved my NYX one, and it did it's job, so I decided to give my setting/refreshing spray a little upgrade. I will definitely be trying this out and coming back for a review.

What are some products you've recently hauled and have loved?
Please share below!


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