Rose Gold Apple MacBook

By Katrina - April 09, 2018

I recently purchased a new Rose Gold Apple MacBook and many people have asked me why I chose this model over a MacBook Pro or other MacBook options. The simple answer to this question is that I wanted something compact that will be easy to travel with, and I love the rose gold! Aesthetically, the MacBook Air is just not my cup of tea, but it is a similarly compact laptop for those looking for a smaller, thinner option. The Air also comes with a smaller price tag as well so it could be your choice based on price alone. Being an Apple fan, I believe that you can never go wrong with whatever you choose within the brand.

This MacBook purchase is just an addition to my little Apple computer family. I purchased this laptop as a supplement to my existing iMac and MacBook Pro. I just find the MacBook Pro to be too bulky and heavy to travel with and wanted something that was thinner, lighter, and overall smaller in size.

I take a lot of photos, and most of them are either on my iMac or stored on a flash drive. If you are looking for a computer to be a main source of work, storage, and play, then I suggest you may want to look into the desktop iMac or MacBook Pro. If your intention is for a supplemental computer to work on the go and not necessarily for storing all of your (thousands in my case) of photos, then the MacBook or MacBook Air is the right choice for you. Again, you will survive if you use flash drives and outside sources of memory to store most of your photos or documents.

Using programs like Photoshop, Lightroom, Final Cut, and other large software programs will slow down your computer if you do not have an adequate amount of so keep that in mind. You really have to think about what it is that you will be doing on your laptop to truly determine which one would be right for you. My rose gold MacBook has 512GB of storage, which is plenty for my intentions with this laptop. The cheapest MacBook Pro has 128GB of storage but a faster processor than my MacBook.

Walking into the Apple store and asking the "blue shirts" always ended up with me being led to the MacBook Pro, which is not what I wanted. The buzz word "photo" led every one of the Apple store employees to try to tell me how more memory would be path for me, but 512GB or memory is more than enough for what I plant do with with this laptop as a supplement to my collection.

Now if you're really concerned with storage and memory and you don't care about the versatility of a laptop, then its a no-brainer - go for the iMac. Most of them have either 1TB or higher of memory which is plenty for someone like me.

The new MacBook is a thing of beauty. The new technology in the keyboard is fantastic. It's almost as if the buttons are floating and pressing them is as easy as a touch. If you have not heard about the new design of the keyboard, I suggest you head over to the Apple website and check if out on the homepage for the MacBook. The website is beautifully designed to show the difference between the traditional scissor mechanism for the keyboard buttons in comparison to the new butterfly mechanism that is used now to create a thinner and more precise keyboard.

So many new specs have been added that has allowed Apple the ability to create a super thin, and light fully functional compact notebook. The processor itself works on just 5watts of power allowing it to run virtually silently and generates less heat, which eliminates the need for a fan.

On the more obvious side, the new color options may stand out to some people. I for one, fell in love with the rose gold and just had to have it. This notebook is also available in gold, silver, and space gray.

You won't have the glowing apple logo on the front of the laptop, but instead a beautiful metallic apple logo. It's a small thing to give up to have an aesthetically sound, compact device.

Have you been shopping for a MacBook?


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